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Because we have a network of more than 10,000 specialized Workday® and Epic consultants for you to choose from.

What sets us apart? We can bridge that divide between contingent workforce management efforts and out-sourced management solutions more effectively than your typical consulting firm, AMS provider, HR recruiter or temp staffing firm—especially when a unique skill set is required.  And we do this in the ever-evolving Workday® and Epic environments where additional functionality is imperative for our clients’ success.  Here’s how …


Unlike your high-cost large consulting firms, which may sell you the “A” team but then bring in the “B” or even the “C” team, Caber Resource Group is a boutique consultancy that has a vast network of professionals experienced in every aspect of the Workday® ecosystem and Epic universe.


With Caber, we provide you experts that you personally select from, assuring that you know who will be working on your project, and that it’s a true professional with the skill set to get the job done.


Not only have our network of experts worked in the Workday® and Epic platforms for years, but our consultants bring to the table niche expertise within these environments that are in high demand, but very hard to find. It’s this type of specialized talent that you won’t get when you simply outsource your work to an AMS provider.


And because we have built relationships with the best and brightest in the business, we are much more efficient at finding you the talent you need than your typical HR recruiter or temp staffing firm.


Call us now so we can unleash the power of our network to resolve your most challenging problems.




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